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Threatened to leave the UK but I won for her in the Upper Tribunal

I appeared in the Upper Tribunal for a Filipina whose Uk visa application was refused by the UK immigration office. She appealed in a lower court, she was represented by a lawyer. Sadly, she lost the case but was given the right of appeal to the higher court. She lost confidence with her ex-lawyer and appointed me to represent her in the Upper Tribunal (higher court). This is in Cardiff, Wales (UK). My task is to challenge the punitive decision of the Immigration Secretary of State and the decision of the first Judge at the Lower Court. Tough. Upon arrival to Cardiff I was told that our adjudicators are the top judges: Upper Tribunal Judges Ockleton and Judges Grubb sitting side by side to hear my case at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre. Judge Ockleton is the VP of all Uk Tribunal Court judges. I was a bit uneasy because I have not defended a case before these top judges.
– Before my pleadings, VP Ockleton said: “Mr Magsino, are you a Filipino?” I said: “yes Judge I am a Filipino.” He added: “you seem to specialise in Filipino cases, hey?” I smiled and nodded: “yes Sir I have represented many Filipinos.”
– Mr Magsino I heard the concession from the Secretary of State and he seems to agree that your representation and legal submissions are valid. We will allow your appeal.”
– I cannot believe it that today two of UK’s top judges will give me a good verdict. I won! Thank you Lord. Every praises belong to You. Congratulations Sheryll Salundaga thanks for believing. 

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