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God Does Not Review Your Past For Him To Give You A Better Future

Sa buhay natin madaling magsabi na itong tao na ito hindi na ito makakabangon pa or patay na sya. But I believe that habang may buhay ay may pag-asa. This is true when people judge because of what happened in the past.

But look at the life of Moises in the Bible. He is an ex-convict after murdering an Egyptian. He then ran away to hide as he will be punished and sentence. But if you see his childhood, he was brought up in the palace with all the servants ready for his call and all the luxuries made for the royalties.

Pag pinagaralan mo ang buhay nya, masasabi mo na talagang ang Diyos ay mabuti. Hindi tiningnan ng Diyos ang failures ni Moises but instead God used Him mightily to free the people of Israel from 400 years of captivity from Egypt. God used in a special way to show the Egyptians, their oppressors, that there is only one Mighty God who can perform miracles no mere human can. God divided the Red Sea through Moses.

I remember the story of a church looking for a minister. There was a church looking for an ideal minister and someone applied:

This man had been in prison frequently (Acts 16:37, Acts 24:7).
He has started more than one riot in a city (Acts 19:28).
He has been in frequent troubles with the local authorities (Acts 24).
He has frequent health issues (2 Cor 12:7).
He was not accepted and not trusted by most of the Christians early on and many were even afraid of him (Acts 9:26).
He was believed to have mental health issues by the local authorities (Acts 26:24).
He has been accused as being an insurrectionist by the local leaders (Acts 24:5).
He has been accused of being a leader of a cult or sect (Acts 24:5).
Everywhere he went, he seemed to cause a problem and once he even quoted a world philosopher in trying to witness about Christ (Acts 17:28).
He was teaching doctrines that were contrary to the religious leaders of the day (Acts 24:5).

If you never guessed who, this is Saint Paul who wrote almost half of the New Testament and traveled many parts of the world in Europe and in Asia for preaching the word of Jesus and the resurrection.

But what about you? Do you feel you are a failure? Have you messed up? Do not worry, even the great giants of faith have had a failure. Even Saint Paul is very famous in saying he has ‘thorns in the flesh’. He said that there are things na gusto nyang gawin pero hindi na Nya ginagawa upang makamtan lamang niya ang buhay na walang hanggan.

I also check who I am. I have a failed marriage. I could argue that it is not my fault but I learn to realize that I am also a part of why my first marriage broke down.

God gave me a ‘new song’ in my heart and I felt the forgiveness of my sins, too.

Indeed, He does need to look back your credentials in the past, your past mistakes, your misbehavior, and errors.

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