Keep Growing

May dalawang butcher ang nagpapabilisan kung sino ang mananalo. Sinabi ng isa na, “ihahasa ko muna ang aking gulok.” Sinabi ng pangalawa na wala siyang panahon dahil busy sya. Ang unang butcher ay nakagawa na mas marami, twice as much than the second butcher.

Unlike before, we needed to go a library or enroll to a university or college to learn. But now, the internet made it very easy for us to learn at “ihasa” ang ating gulok. You have to learn how to sharpen your skills. Huwag nating ubusin ang ating panahon sa pag check ng mga emails at social media na  umuubos lang ng maraming oras ngunit hindi naman productive for our gain.

We have to learn how to sharpen up our abilities.  Kelangan natin i-develop ang ating galing at talino. If we want to become a champion in life, take steps to grow to get ahead.

Eto ang ginawa ni David. When he met Goliath, he did not go there unprepared. He was there ready and hungry to win. But before that, he developed his skills to kill the lions and the bears and he learned the skills of hitting his target with precision. He tirelessly mastered the use of his slingshot. So when God looked for someone to defeat a giant, He looked for someone who has the skill, the talent and the experience. This is what David has. God saw him as someone who is prepared, skilled in his trade. We all know what David has become: from a lowly shepherd boy to one of the greatest kings of Israel of all times. He was not limited to his environment out in the field. He did not say: “I’m just a shepherd boy…” No. He became a master of what he does. He kept growing and hassling his craft. He sharpened his skills and went on to succeed for the rest of his life. He was even chosen to become the great grandfather of Jesus!

In the same way, don’t underestimate yourself simply because you have not achieved your dreams. Learn something new. You could be uneducated or did not finish your studies. You may have come from a poor family background. Or something may have happened that messed up your life. But start to develop yourself so you are prepared when a right opportunity comes. There is an old saying: “if an opportunity does not knock, build a door.”

There was an ordinary man named Ronald from Sta Cruz, Davao Del Sur and a policeman  He studied hard and started to work in the Human Resource. When the Philippine President found his capacity and attitude, he was appointed to the highest position in the national police to the become the PNP Chief.  Now, General Ronald Dela Rosa bypassed two deputy director generals or three-star rank, 19 directors (two-star) and 105 chief superintendents (one-star). He had a good foundation. He kept growing.

Sometimes in life, you have to show what you can offer before someone trusts you and pays your “professional fee.” If they know you can deliver and perform their expectation, you will have a lot of people believing in you. You get more referrals in the process.

I heard that one of the richest places on earth is the cemetery. Maraming mga pangarap ang hindi natupad. Maraming mga ambisyon ang namatay kasama nila. One preacher said that we must be ashamed to die until we have made a significant contribution on earth.

In the Bible, there was a scripture that says: “Do you see any truly competent workers? They will serve kings rather than working for ordinary people.”

It is very true. When you become competent and skilled at what you do, people will find you because of your capability. They will pay you higher than ordinary. People who kept growing will rise above than those who remained in where they are and got stuck.

I encourage you today to keep growing, don’t stop learning and use your time wisely. Become valuable.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I thank you for the talents, skills, capabilities that you bestowed upon me. Open my eyes that I may see opportunities for me to develop so I can grow. Use me, Lord for your glory. Use me to advance your kingdom here on earth, Amen.



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