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Willingness Is Not Enough, We Must Do

Life is tested everyday and as much as we want to avoid it, we keep getting it and more of it. There is a good reason why we need those big problems, it develops our character. We must maintain a good attitude while we are in the middle of it.

It was said: “weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” Psalm 30:5

While you make things happen, there will be failures and tears. But do not quit yet. Strive and thrive. Joy comes when we persist and do not surrender. Do you know that pearl comes the oyster’s tears after some chemicals are put in to secrete liquid that are solidified to become an elegant pearl. Tears are testament that you are doing it from the heart. Pearl will soon appear as a result of your action to accomplish.

Most people have a wish to become wealthy, healthy, promoted, debt-free but the problem is that they are not willing to pay the price for it. If you want to be wealthy, you earn, save and invest. If you want health, you know what and what not to eat, to do and not to do. You want to be promoted, do the best even when no one is behind your back. You want to be free from debt, then learn how to live within your means and do not overspend beyond your earnings. All the lessons in life are no longer secret. They are open to anyone. It proves that knowledge is not enough. We must apply.

I appreciate that you are willing and really wanted to give it a go, but it is not enough. Raise the level of your game. You can never be a real soldier by reading textbooks. You must go out there in the warzone and join the rank of brave fighters and see it in action at the battlefield.

In body building, it is not enough to watch those gorgeous beach bodies you wanted, you needed to go out and do everything in your power to have that shape you are aiming for. Willingness is useless without action.

Today, declare that you will stop telling yourself: “If I have this, I will do that.” But rather: “I will do this and I will have that.”

The universe is governed by its own laws and principles and we are all guided by them all. No farmer expect a harvest without cultivation of his land and sowing his crops. He understands the cycle of life: the laws of planting and reaping. What he sows, he reaps. If you just lay down and wait for things to happen, the outcome will always be the one you never expect. Don’t go in the ATM machine wishing that someone, somewhere out there may have mistaken to deposit cash into your account. You must actually deposit it yourself.

Start by being willing and go out and do it. The real action is outside of your comfort zone. Don’t get stuck in a sofa and just wishing your dreams to come true. Be responsible to yourself. Stand up and chase your dreams will all your heart. Run for it and give your best shot. Soon, you will achieve great things you did not know possible.


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